Saturday, September 25, 2010

Exodus 39

The high priest's garments (vs. 1-31)--The last things that were made--or, at least, the last things Moses mentions in the production of the tabernacle's materials--were the garments and items worn by the High Priest. The Lord's commands regarding this are found in Exodus 28. The garments, ephod, breastplate, 12 stones with the names of the 12 tribes of Israel inscribed upon them--plus the exact stone for each--is again described in detail in this section. The reader may refer back to Exodus 28 for more information concerning this holy apparel. One of the most significant points in these 31 verses is that seven times the phrase is found "as the Lord had commanded Moses." Once again, we are struck by the strict obedience of a sinful man. For Moses, though a great, holy, righteous man, was still a sinner. He did not take liberties with the grace of God, did not presume upon Jehovah's love. He did what he was told. This phrase regarding the Lord commanding Moses is found three more times in the remainder of the chapter, for a total of 10 times in 43 verses. It will be found eight more times in chapter 40. In other words, 18 times in the final two chapters of Exodus we are specifically informed that Moses did what God told him. Yet, how many people today do not get the point? Being thankful for the needful grace of God is one thing; presuming upon while claiming to love Him is something else entirely. I certainly want, and need, God’s grace to cover my sins. But God’s grace is no excuse for sin. “I’ll go sin and God’s grace will cover it.” What kind of attitude and devotion does that show towards a loving God Who freely, and undeservedly, offers that grace to us?

The materials brought to Moses (vs. 32-43)--Once everything was completed, all was brought and laid before Moses. The tabernacle was not constructed yet; that will be discussed in chapter 40. All the materials are again listed. This is tedious, but important. It is tedious, but important, for me to remind the reader the meaning of it--the completeness of doing God's will. Every item is listed, time again, every command of God explicitly written down as being obeyed. "According to all that the LORD had commanded Moses, so the children of Israel did all the work" (v. 42). Oh, that these people had been as faithful in other matters as well.

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